How To Develop AI-Based Health Monitoring Apps in the Wake of COVID-19?

April 29, 2020
How To Develop AI-Based Health Monitoring Apps in the Wake of COVID-19

With the current Covid-19 pandemic ravaging throughout the world, there is an increased awareness about monitoring health and wellness through a mobile application. An Artificial Intelligence-based health monitoring app is the need of the hour. But, before you decide to go ahead you must know the basics of mobile app development and how you can leverage technologies to create your dream product.

In a world besotted with healthcare in the aftermath of Covid-19, it has become imperative for people to be aware of the latest advancements in medicine as well as there is an increasing need to communicate with doctors and nurses. Therefore, if you are dreaming of developing a mobile app that bridges this gap, then you are on the right track!

Communication is an extremely important aspect of healthcare, whether it is between doctors and patients or between nurses and doctors. In order to enable this, you must use artificial intelligence in your mobile application development. Because AI enables better communication, improves efficiency, and creates better accuracy in diagnosis. These are the latest e-health apps that give online advice, provide consultancy, and enable frequent report sharing. Check out some health apps before you go ahead with your mobile app development project:

Types of E-Health Apps

  • Mobile alerts on medications schedule
  • Chatbots for diagnosis questionnaire
  • Geolocation of patient and doctor
  • Text & image reading abilities

Features of AI-based Mobile Health Apps

  • Healthcare professionals can coordinate with patients about their tests, reports, and follow up.
  • Data management and sharing between healthcare providers, based on artificial intelligence.
  • Automation of paperwork, insurance claims, and other official work.
  • Speech to text and text to speech functionality for medical reports etc.
  • In-app note-taking and sharing functionality for doctors and nurses.

Key Success Factors in Mobile App Development

  1. Provide users with seamless and intuitive navigation: Since your target audience is well accomplished in their respective professions, you would need to devise app navigation that is intuitive and convenient.
  2. Integrate features that make engaging user interfaces. Hire the best UI/UX experts that not only create a wow experience but also help you in building your brand. You can consider adding features like online chat, in-app calendar, and the listing of nearby health facilities.
  3. Adopt cutting-edge AI technology for quick online results. With the help of AI and deep learning, your clients can perform their tasks efficiently. You can also integrate reference materials and online resources to help in their knowledge.
  4. Create robust and efficient mobile applications. Your app should facilitate multiple users and should be able to scale up immediately when it gains market traction.
  5. Formulate a good marketing plan. No mobile app development can succeed if there is no marketing plan in place. Analyze your competitors and take the help of an expert digital marketer to promote the mobile app so that it reaches the right audience.


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