How to Build Mobile Apps that Excel at Customer Experience?

February 5, 2021
How to Build Mobile Apps that Excel at Customer Experience

Custom app development for the sole objective of boosting sales is like eating food just for taste and overlooking its multiple allied benefits. Businesses need to realize that building mobile apps can also help them polish their CX quotient. Delivering high-quality, customer-focused experiences can help a business prosper. 

How Mobile Apps aid CX?

Estimates suggest that around 3.8 billion people would own a smartphone in 2021. Moreover, most tech-savvy users spend around 87% of their time on apps and just 13% on online browsers. This is why businesses must focus on working with an app developer to build mobile apps and leverage current mobile usage trends. 

Businesses that employ only a limited number of communication channels also limits the kind of customer experience they offer. When omnichannel marketing is the talk of the town, a business without an app may make their target customers feel uncatered for. Having a mobile app provides atemporal access to customers through push notifications. Businesses can entice the customers into purchases by keeping them updated with new developments, offering seasonal discounts and offers etc.

All in all, mobile apps serve as an avenue for customer engagement with minimal effort. The intuitive nature of mobile apps makes them the perfect medium for customer engagement. Businesses can ensure a personalized experience through data collected from apps to serve their customers better.

Mobile apps must feature meaningful content, address common customer concerns through FAQs, and connect to customer service personnel if need be. Customers appreciate mobile apps that double up as customer service platforms as it means judicious time-saving. 

How to Build Mobile Apps that Excel at Customer Experience?

To make more sense to their target set of customers, businesses must stay relevant and competitive buy building customer-winning app experiences. It all begins by taking a customer-first approach. Access customer information like surveys, ratings and reviews and data about purchase behaviour trends etc. to improve how you deliver your customers’ in-app experience. App developers must further work on customer feedback to brush up their product roadmap. For example, in-app surveys can help businesses prioritize the feature hierarchy during mobile app development

  1. Prioritize Product Purpose

It’s important to ascertain that the final product stays as close to the concept developed during custom mobile app development. Thus, it’s important to lay down the purpose of the app, the business’s strategic vision to avoid any chances of deviations. Best mobile apps reek a clear sense of purpose to their customers. Having a product requirements document (PRD) helps determine the necessities for delivering the value promise of the app in question. Brainstorm about the things you are trying to accomplish with the app, its problems, the product vision and its features before you begin mobile app development. App developers must not lay down the app requirements based on the current product. Instead, they must leverage market research, customer data and in-depth analysis to plan the app features. Planning the functionality should be done with a focus on the customer experience.

  1. Iterate

Even the most popular app businesses on the app store today began as an MVP. They started on a small scale mobile app development with rudimentary functions and then expanded their scope with time. The MVP development approach is excellent for validating app ideas in risky markets and helps get rid of any product assumptions. It also allows app businesses to test the markets, target their customers and gauge their reactions and interactions with the app. Through MVP mobile app development, businesses derive insights like which features add to customer delight and thus work towards overall customer experience improvements. Overall, the iterations during the MVP development process help businesses face customer needs in its true light and slowly build a robust app solution that caters to its customers’ needs.

  1. Plan Innovations Wisely

Advancements and innovations on the mobile app interface can shoot the mobile app development cost up. Being equipped with the kind of technology that fosters innovation of particular features doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be done. Rapid innovations backed by emerging technologies can also create panic and cause erratic execution of the mobile app development project. Mobile planning must ensure that the development milestones reflect the app business’s initial requirements and goals. Although factors like changing demand, tech advancements and competition raise their head during the development lifecycle, app development teams should meet unexpected realities with confidence.

  1. In-App Customer Support

A lagging customer experience is a big no-no for modern app businesses. Customers tend to be more verbose about a bad experience than a good one. Every mobile app must avoid negative customer experiences that can sabotage their reputation. Mobile apps built without focusing on a customer support mechanism often land up bad reviews and low ratings on the app marketplace. Best-in-class customer service app features initiate contact between the business and the app users. Apps that feature in-app customer support allow users to contact the business without leaving the app interface. Creative in-app messaging tools can be channels that can connect app users to businesses. Live chat features help users voice their opinions and give feedback about their experience. 

In The End

Mobile apps provide an automated way to steer the business towards success. Features like personalization, in-app searches, multi-factor data authentication etc. smooth out the customer experience in apps. Custom mobile app development can automate customer service through user-friendly self-service capabilities. With mobile apps, businesses can end customer frustration by making their purchase journey frictionless. Hire an offshore app developer to escalate the CX quotient of your mobile app today.