How to Achieve a High Ranking for Your App on Google Play Store?

April 23, 2018

There are nearly a billion mobile applications that are available in the major online app stores, which can become a challenge for you to showcase your application. Every year, a large number of applications are uploaded to Google’s Play Store, however, a small fraction of those apps get installed and used in the store. A good way to ensure that your mobile app gets noticed is to create a promotion plan.

App Store Optimization or essentially ASO assumes a major role in your mobile app promotion plan. It is vital to comprehend that there are different strategies that you can use to effectively showcase your application and one of them is ASO. Besides, your app should have the excellent build quality, clean code, and user-friendly interface. That will ensure that users don’t uninstall your app quickly after downloading it.

In that capacity, App Store Optimization or essentially ASO assumes a major role in your mobile app advertising. It’s vital to comprehend that there are different strategies that you can use to effectively showcase your application and one of them is ASO.

Few factors which you as a developer need to take care at the time of developing the app are:

Build an app which the audience needs
If you design an application no one needs then what you are doing is indiscriminately believing that individuals stick on your app and continue using it. Your application must revolve around a specialty people require which it can satisfy. The trial of an extraordinary application is “the toothbrush test”. In the event that you manufacture an app that clients can’t get by without using it day by day like toothbrush, you are en route to turning into an effective application developer. Google measures how much time clients spend every day on your application, recurrence of application use and maintenance i.e. for every 100 clients what number of don’t uninstall your application.

App Size
It is prescribed that applications ought to endeavor at having a little size (ideally 5MB and beneath) to guarantee that it fits inside the storage room accessible in various mobile phones. This can be accomplished with the utilization of Lint, PNG optimizers, 9patch Images & Proguard.
Moreover, the little size will draw the consideration of more customer base not to forget that Google’s algorithm will list the application among the best on its platform.

Design of the App
Considering the solid rivalry in the market, it’s a given that app developers should concoct exciting and cheeky outlines in order to stay pertinent. Likewise, the first impression matters a great deal to the group of people as a sophisticated outlook will draw in more clients to the app.
Additionally, developers ought to have the capacity to have clear portrayals and determination of what the application involves. The UI & UX both should be user-friendly. The app should provide easy navigation and the fonts should be clear & readable.

Develop Compatible Apps
This is critical for application developers who are encouraged to think of an application that is responsive to multiple mobiles & tablets available. Looking further and it’s recognizable that Google’s algorithms favor applications that integrate effortlessly into tablets giving them a higher positioning.

-Now, once your app has been developed and has hit the play store then comes the following steps that need to be introduced in their ASO strategy:

Target Right Audience
Under this, creators should turn out clear on the scopes secured by the application in order to contact the right users. The Play Store rewards target-oriented applications over summed up ones giving them a superior positioning in the search result.

The Use of Videos, Graphics, and Screenshots
As a component of explaining on the functions performed by the application, it is fitting for developers to include video clips or screenshots that grandstand the application’s interface. By doing as such the application wins a superior positioning on the Play Store.

Ratings and Reviews
Several specialists have recognized that greater part of clients depends on reviews and ranking of the application to pick which application to install. Subsequently, for any application to accomplish great positioning it should focus on having more positive reviews and ought to incorporate a call to action button for clients to leave their remarks. Google tracks keywords like ‘love’, ‘like’, ‘good’ and other positive keywords in the application reviews by the clients for app evaluation. Negative keywords like ‘dislike’, ‘slow’ and similar words are also considered. In the case of negative reviews, reach out to customers and try to resolve the issue.

Maintenance and update
Presently it’s very important to take note of this particularly for any application is to accomplish a high rating as developers are asked to guarantee that they dispose of all bugs. Mostly, it incorporates the arrival of updates to include more highlights and resolve issues on more seasoned variants of the application. The online platform acknowledges developers who give careful consideration to their customers and address matters emerging.

-Other factors that depend on the above-listed factors and affect the ranking of the application on the play store is:

Time Spent
If you make an application that clients love, they will begin spending time on the app. The best applications featured and ranked as topmost on google have time spent per client of over 1 hour for each week. Awesome applications like Whatsapp and Facebook have clients spending on them a couple of hours every day.

If 100 people download your app consistently, what number of them are still using the application after 30 days, 60 days or 90 days a while later. What number of clients have uninstalled your application? The application with most astounding retention in classification has the most elevated opportunity to be included as rank no 1 on play store.

Everyday Downloads
When google features an app the application with the highest everyday downloads also becomes one of the factors.

No of Overall downloads
As you develop step by step and continue enhancing your app, your downloads increases. An enduring and consistent solid rate of downloads improves the rating of your application.

Active Users
The app rank also depends on the fact that how many people are active on the app. Currently, Snapchat is the app that ranks this list with 40% of active users.

The process requires consistency and time-to-time updates as per Google’s changing algorithms. If the app is user-centric, bug-free, intends to help users and If you keep on improving your app keeping the above factors in mind, your play store ranking will improve drastically.