How Joomla Gives an Edge to Small Business Websites in 2020

January 17, 2020
How Joomla Gives an Edge to Small Business Websites in 2020

In this age, almost every company has an online presence and their digital business is only growing with each passing day. Whether you are selling a product or a service, being online makes a lot of sense. With the availability of Content Management Systems like Joomla, WordPress, Magneto, and Drupal, it is much easier for businesses to expand their online offerings, creating a future that is full of possibilities.

You can choose any CMS as per your requirements and get your website up and running without spending months on getting a website developed from scratch. In this article, we will discuss why you should choose Joomla over other CMS and also how Joomla gives an edge to small business websites.

1.    Joomla Is Open-Source

Joomla is an open-source platform which means you don’t need to pay anything to download and use its platform. There are no memberships or fees to update the software, you get the platform for free to use for your, or your client’s website.

As a start-up or a small business, you would want to keep the expenditure to the minimum while building a website. As there are no licensing fees, you start saving from the word go. Joomla’s framework is compatible with all known hosting providers, which means you can start by choosing the hosting service provider that gives you the best deal, without worrying about compatibility.

2.    It Is Easy To Install

Joomla is one of the easiest CMS’s around; anybody with minimum technical skills can download, and install the platform. Joomla is a bit more complex than WordPress, which makes it more customizable, but it is not as complex as Drupal, beginners can easily understand its structure and handle the installation without extra help.

If you do find installing and setting up Joomla difficult, or you are looking to customize the website completely from within its framework, you can always hire Joomla developers who have experience with this. You won’t need to hire Joomla developers for a long period, as once the website is up and ready, you will not need a developer to manage it. And being a small business, you don’t want to spend on a full-time developer for a long duration.

3.    Joomla Has Vast Library of Resources

Joomla has a large community of developers who create themes, templates, and extensions for Joomla regularly.  Some of these resources are paid, but many of them are completely free. You can use these resources to get your site online faster and add amazing functionalities to your site.

So, whether you are looking to build a five-page company profile or a multipage e-commerce site, Joomla and its incredible community have you covered. As mentioned you can hire Joomla developers that would do everything for you and over a complete site to you, or you can download and build a Joomla site on your own with the help of these resources.

4.    It Is Well Supported

Joomla has been around since 2005, and as mentioned above it has built a loyal following of software developers and users. Today, there are numerous tutorials, case studies and technical documents available to help you with any query you may have.

If you need any help with at any stage of installing, maintaining or updating Joomla you can easily find this help online.

5.    Joomla Is SEO Ready

When you are a small business trying to make a mark for yourself online, you require a platform that is SEO-friendly. Joomla outdoes other CMS’s when it comes to being SEO ready, unlike other CMS’s Joomla does not require extensions to become SEO-friendly. You can start with your SEO efforts just by following the inbuilt SEO instructions, and your site will start to rank.

Yes, you will still need to work on off-page SEO to rank higher, but Joomla will give you a start. For a startup or a small business getting your website seen is the most important thing, and SEO helps you with that.

6.    It Is Multi-Lingual

Joomla is truly global, you can be in any part of the world, speak any language and still be able to download, install and run a Joomla based website. Right out of the box, this platform comes with multi-language settings so, you don’t have to know English to run a website on it.

Being multi-lingual makes Joomla a good option for countries where English is not the preferred language. Following Joomla other CMS’s have also started offering multi-lingual settings.

7.    Joomla Is Secure

One of the biggest challenges for a business today is cybersecurity. Every second day you about some data breach, some website has been brought down by hackers or viruses. So, it is very important that you have a CMS that is secure.

Joomla comes with two strong security features built into its framework. The first is the two-factor authentication, when you try to sign in to your Joomla account you will be sent an access code on your registered mobile number. You can only log in if you have the password or the CMS and the access code as well.

The second is a password scrambling algorithm, Joomla does not store any passwords in the database with scrambling them. It means even if someone gets access to the passwords, they will not be able to use them.

8.    It Is Easy To Manage

One of the reasons the usage of CMS’s has grown is because they are easy to manage. You don’t have to be technically strong to maintain a CMS, and this is beneficial especially in the case of startups or small businesses.

Joomla is considered to be one of the easiest CMS’s to manage. As mentioned towards the start of the article, if you have a problem installing and setting up your website in Joomla you can hire Joomla developers to do that for you. However, when it comes to maintaining the site you will not need a developer. Many small businesses that do not have the time, just hire a non-technical virtual assistant to manage the website for them.

9.    Joomla Is Flexible

You may be a new startup or a small business today, but in the future, you are going to grow, and you need a website that can handle the extra load. Joomla is designed in a way that it works wonderfully for a small website and works equally well with a large website.

So, you can build a small site today, and increase the load over time without worrying about the platform. It can handle all the traffic, data, and graphics that you throw at it.


If you are a small business owner going forward with Joomla for your website is the best decision you can take. It is secure, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to install and manage. Joomla gives small business owners an edge when it comes to building their online presence.

If you already have a Joomla site and are looking to re-design it entirely or you are looking to build a Joomla site for your business and need help with it. You can contact Optimal Virtual Employee; OVE has a large pool of talented Joomla developers that can help you with anything related to Joomla.