Great Benefits of OpenCart for your Ecommerce Business

July 29, 2019

Today, every business owner wished to launch his eCommerce platform on the digital platform. To be able to do so, they are required to choose a shopping cart software, which can be added as a feature to their eCommerce platform, for which the owner hire OpenCart developers.

One of the best options for online shopping cart software is OpenCart. The most commendable feature of this software is that it is customizable for all sizes of businesses, no matter how big or small they are. Here are some of the best advantages of Open Cart for your business, which make it worthy of your online business.

There are several benefits of OpenCart for your eCommerce business which make it the best shopping cart software.

Easy to operate

To use OpenCart software as your shopping cart software, you need to hire  OpenCart developer who can work the software for you or update it. The software is designed to offer seamless benefits to the user in such a way that he might be able to operate it on his own. With this software, you can perform an endless series of tasks with a single admin panel. This, in turn, contributes to saving your time so that you may be able to focus your time and energy on tasks which indeed require your attention. Also, you will be able to attend quickly and more comprehensively to technical issues at hand, instead of busying yourself with the operation of the software.

Sell unlimited products

One of the most important benefits of this platform is that it places you in a position where you are free to choose the number of products which you wish to sell through the platform. No matter if it is twenty or two hundred or even more. With this software, you can list an endless number of products across several categories. At the same time, you will also be able to display the related reviews of those products, the customer ratings, and comments which might have been left behind by customers for those products.

Multi-store functionality

With a single admin panel, this software platform allows you to host as many online stores as you may need. You will be able to set up and manage each of these online stores using this admin panel. Using this feature, you will be able to sell several brands through different stores, each one of them segregated and organized. Each store can be customized according to a theme, which further adds an element of seamless support for the customer making use of the platform.

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Support for multiple languages and multiple currencies

If you are looking forward to scaling your business on a global platform, then you need to add this functionality to your business. This software platform offers the benefit of hosting multiple languages and multiple currency support through its interface, as a result of which, the resulting customer experience and return on investment improve to a large extent. You may hire full stack developer to work on a different platform than this and yet, the results may not prove to be as optimum as this one.


Added support for multiple shipping methods and payment options

At this platform, you will be able to find integrated support for multiple secure payment options. This means that your customers will be able to pay for their purchases through whichever mode they deem fit. At the same time, you will also be able to complete all orders through a safe and reliable method.


Support for over 1300 plugins

Business expansion is an important goal that an owner certainly needs to manifest while working on the digital platform. It becomes even more prominent after a few months of launching the business and keeps on gaining more importance as the business keeps growing. Scalability is not an issue which you will have to face with this software though. With added support for a number of plugins, your eCommerce platform will remain as supportive of your business goals as ever.

Responsiveness and SEO friendly

By making use of OpenCart, you add high performance for your store, across all digital devices. The enhanced rate of response of this platform ensures that your store does not face any hassle in integrating with the online resources. At the same time, the SEO friendly support of the platform ensures that your website gains top ranking on Google search results.

Performance and usability

The shopping experience of a customer is significantly impacted by the site speed. It is, in fact, one of the critical points which impact the knowledge that a customer draws from the use of a website. This lightweight and eCommerce supportive platform ensures that load time is reduced and the store speed is increased. It does this with the use of AJAX technology.


Regarded as one of the most reasonable open source shopping carts today, the cost of installing the software is near zero in this case. As compared to some other popular shopping carts, the cost of maintaining this platform is also quite low. This cart allows for multiple hosting opportunities, and since the platform is near seamless to operate, there is no need to hire an individual developer to manage it for you.

In spite of the ease of operation of this platform, many business owners prefer to hire web designers to undertake the task of managing their eCommerce platform on this software but in place of that hire OpenCart developers who can make your online business more rewarding. Clearly, every owner wishes to see their business performing well in the sight of the competition which prevails in the market today. Business owners even tend to hire mobile app developers to manage the portable aspect of their business on this platform. The cart comes with a number of features and options which make its use quite viable for a business owner. In the long run, your business can run quite successfully due to the seamless support of this ergonomic platform. Do check out the software for your business.