How a CRM managed by a Virtual Employee can streamline your Online Business

June 10, 2020
How a CRM managed by a Virtual Employee can streamline your Online Business

As the name suggests, CRM stands for customer relationship manager. Now in earlier times, this used to be a person but nowadays it refers to a software or software tool. The role, however, has remained largely the same. Let us understand how a virtual employee can help you manage your CRM better.

Suppose you walk into a car showroom in your city. A staff member greets you at the door and shows you around the models that are on display. At the end of your conversation, she might ask you to fill out a form that records your name, phone number, and email. In industry parlance, it is known as Lead. A lead, for better understanding, is a person interested in a particular product or service and expresses a desire to be contacted in the future for best offers, etc. When the same function is done by software, it records the leads in a digital format using an online contact form. At the backend, the data is stored as in excel sheets, with separate columns for name, contact details, age, location, etc.

There are a host of modern, efficient CRM systems available in the online marketplace which require specialized skills to handle them and get the best out of them. At Optimal Virtual Employee, this is what we are good at. We choose the best talent and mentor them to perform to their ability with the use of specialized coaches. So when you hire a virtual employee for managing your CRM, then you can expect better performance than the rest.

When you decide to hire virtual employees to manage CRMs, then we provide you with a bunch of resumes to choose from. Only when you meet them online and are satisfied with their approach, you hire them to manage your leads. Here is how they can make a big difference to your online campaigns:

Marketing: Through online advertising campaigns, the virtual employee can generate good quality leads, capture the data, and insert it into the CRM software that you prefer. For this, there are several types of online forms that can be used. Such campaigns can also include surveys or newsletter promotions.

Sales: The virtual employee would use the CRM software to connect with potential customers and engage them. They would send out emails, newsletters, latest offers, etc through the tool and keep the leads interested in your offerings. A virtual employee would also upload notes of his interaction with the customer and classify the leads as cold/warm/hot.

Operations: This is where a virtual employee will be most useful. Imagine that you have received scores of warm-to-hot leads and have turned them over to the sales team. Now what? Do you just wait for their reply or do you want to follow up on the outcomes? Well if you think that the latter is more important, then trust a virtual employee to deliver the best results. An Optimal Virtual Employee is trained to follow up the leads to their logical conclusion and ensure good utilization of marketing dollars.

Finance: Most CRM systems allow users to generate financial reports, such as ad spend, campaign budget allocations, and cost per acquisition etc. An Optimal Virtual Employee will regularly generate these reports to keep you in sync with your marketing efforts.

Reporting: Reporting is an integral part of CRM systems. Our virtual employees are trained to various report types, report formats, group the report’s data, and customize the report fields. They will then show the report data graphically, in an easy-to-understand format. The reports will allow your sales and operations teams to optimize their efforts and fulfill their business goals.

Analytics: The most advanced CRM systems enable users to explore data and take action using analytics tools. Optimal Virtual Employees are adept at connecting data from multiple sources, creating interactive reports of the data, and sharing those with the teams. It enables business owners to get deep insights into how marketing campaigns are performing. Analytics also helps management take data-based decisions, monitor the marketing events, and predict future business trends.


While CRM is an important tool to optimize your marketing campaigns, you also need a talented resource to make the best use of its features and get the best outcomes. An Optimal Virtual Employee is your best business associate for harnessing the power of CRM technologies.

Optimal Virtual Employee is an organization committed to delivering excellence at affordable prices to its clients. There is a large, professionally trained, certified, and talented team of individuals who are the best when it comes to CRM operations. Just drop us a line and one of our representatives will get in touch with you soon!