A-Z Guide to Building a Brand with Web Design in 2021

September 30, 2020
Guide to Building a Brand with Web Design in 2020

Branding is one of the most apparent objectives that businesses seek to achieve with web design. Branding entails the use of traditional elements such as logo, slogan, symbol or colour palette in web design to create a good impression on your visitors. Use of technology in modern web design has made branding more natural, intuitive and more memorable. Successful branding through web designing invites more customers and keeps them engaged. 

How to Build a Brand with Web Design in 2021

Gain traction on your website, increase your visibility and create a mammoth online present by improving your branding with web design. 

  • Stick to the Colour Wheel

Colour selection plays a significant role in curating the visitor experience on your website. Because all colours evoke distinct emotional responses, choosing the right kind of paint can notch up your branding game. A business that wants to create brand appeal in the way their website looks must research what colours would be best suitable for its web design. 

The colour red signifies energy, youth and passion. On the other hand, Yellow is a symbol of flamboyance, friendliness and warmth. Having a grasp of different colours and their emotional implications on individuals can help web designers make the right choice. 

The first step is to pick out primary and secondary colours for your brand website, keeping the colour theory in mind. Then decide the base colour as used in your company logo and make its use for headlines, subheadings and even background images (meaning all the places that a visitor will likely check out first).

  • Use the White Space Wisely

Balance brings harmony to the universe, as it does to the web design. A skill that most web developers miss out on is the need to create a healthy balance between design elements and the blank white space on a website. 

Since the human eye is prone to overstimulation, white space in web design allows a painless relief. As tempting as it may be to load the web pages with attractive UI design elements hoping to leverage it all in web design, businesses must plan their blank spaces strategically. 

The blank white space can bring attention to the main content on the website, highlighting it adequately and increasing comprehension rates. A website visitor who checks out a website with adequate white space retains the brand identity in better ways rather than being saturated with words and graphics. Experienced web development company know how surrounding important graphics, images and texts with whitespace enhances legibility and convey ideas in better ways.

  • Pick a Font Style

A uniform typeface used across the website can be an intelligent branding hack for web designers to use. In spite of the mammoth variety of the font styles available for a designer to pick from is best to stick with a single one or maximum two on a particular website. 

Font overload is a web design sin. Using more than one or two typefaces can detract website visitors from the main message you wish to convey. 

Be smart enough to choose a highly-legible font and ascertain that they complement each other if you choose two.

Sometimes, some fonts don’t load correctly with all web browsers. Choosing a web font hosted by a server like Google, that is embedded into the browser. Businesses can get it coded directly onto the website. If you hire skilled web designers, you can also get your font customized that is compatible with all kinds of internet browsers. 

  • Intelligent Logo Design

Intelligent logo design and placement are a strategic decision that most web designers overlook in their creative pursuits. As a rule of thumb, logos must be placed only on the upper left corner of the website, because most website visitors hope to find it there. Design a logo that adequately represents your brand and make it big enough that it gets noticed immediately.

A well-designed logo can add to the brand value by enhancing brand memorability, so that website visitors can easily recognize the brand presence of both online and offline. Moreover, it’s best to link the logo’s image to the home page.

A simple, timeless and scalable logo design made by skilled web professionals using high end designing software adds to the brand identity to a business. While there are many free logos making tools on the internet today, hiring a web designer can be your best bet for logo design. 


  • Infuse Personality into Web Design

A formal looking website rarely impresses a visitor today, as they are not able to connect with it at a personal level. To make web design more engaging and inviting, designers need to infuse some personality into web design. 

Clever tricks like adding taglines to communicate messages, sharing stories and customer testimonials can make the web design more memorable and attractive. These hacks add human-like attributions to the web design and help website visitors to better associate with the brand. In the end, businesses that associate their brand with appealing emotions and vibes through web design become popular with users.


All these elements tips and tricks, when followed throughout the website design, bring in an absolute consistency in it and help the business gain recognition. It is an art to strike the right balance between doing all this and still not overdoing any of it for fear of cluttering. Hiring best web design agencies can transform the way branding reflects into web design. 

Hire web designers and build a famous brand image with web design today!