Choosing between Java and .Net – For Your Next Venture

November 21, 2019

Java and .Net (Microsoft .Net) are both leading technologies when it comes to building large-scale desktop or web applications. Both have a large loyal community and following. Java is OOPs language; it is the older of the two as it was released to the public in 1995. .Net is a framework that uses C# as its programming language; it was released in 2002 but soon became one of the most used frameworks.

Choosing between Java and .Net is a choice many companies find themselves making while planning to build a large-scale application. In this article, we will discuss a few differences and similarities between Java and .Net; this may help you in choosing the right one for your project. So before you hire a Java developer or hire a.Net developer, do go through this article.


The .Net framework is a Windows focused framework; it is tied to one operating system. While Java is a multi-platform, it can be run on any operating system and device. Java applications run on virtual machines (JVM). The JVM translates the code based on the operating system the application is on, making Java convenient and platform-independent. Also, when it comes to mobile apps, Java has an edge. Mobile app developers prefer using Java over .Net, as .Net is a Windows focused framework.

So, if your next venture needs to be a multi-platform project, you should hire a Java developer.



With Java, there is one language that works across multiple platforms. So mastering one language for a Java developer is easier; this is one reason you can hire expert level Java developers from around the world. The .Net framework supports several languages, but it generates a specific code for the Windows platform.

So when it comes to working on different languages, you can have a software developer with experience in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python or any other language work on the .Net platform. For the Java platform, you need a Java developer with experience is its core language.

Better IDE

Both Java and .Net have reliable and easy to use IDE’s. These IDE’s are designed to make writing and testing the code easier.  With Java, there is a choice of different IDE’s one can choose from, the main ones are; Oracle NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, and Oracle JDeveloper. One can choose any of these based on your needs and budget.

Microsoft Visual Studio is the main IDE for .Net applications; a .Net developer can use this IDE to develop, debug, build and deploy any sort of application targeted for the .NET framework. You before you hire a .Net developer do keep in mind the cost of the IDE involved.


When it comes to security Java being an open-source platform has its vulnerabilities. Even though Java has a huge community and tons of documents to support it, the lack of professional support is noticeable. This concern of security is one of the biggest downsides of Java as a platform. So, when you hire a Java developer there is a lot more work involved to make the platform secure.

.Net is a platform that is managed by Microsoft, they are responsible to iron out any security flaws there might be. It provides professional support and regular security updates as well. This makes .Net a much securer platform. By hiring a .Net developer you get a secure platform for your application.


Both platforms are good when it comes to performance; .Net is exceptional when it comes to rapid application development and is one of the most secure platforms. Even though a lot of work has to be put in to make Java a secured platform, Java is still considered a beast when it comes to large-scale projects.

The speed of development in a .Net environment is considered to be faster. However,  when it comes to the speed of the application itself both are at the same level.


Choosing the right platform between .Net and Java requires a lot of consideration. You need to consider the size of the application, the audience of the application, the level of security you require for the application and the nature of the business you have before choosing the platform.

Digital marketing experts say; if you are looking to create a secure, feature-rich and fast developed application, you should hire a .Net developer. If you are looking to build an enterprise-level application that attracts a large number of users from different platforms, you should hire a Java developer.

I can’t tell, you if you require a Java developer or a .Net developer without knowing more about the project. However, I can tell you; once you decide which developer you need, that best place to hire one is Optimal Virtual Employee, they have elite Java and .Net developers that you can hire on an hourly or monthly basis.