8 Real World Examples of Businesses that Grew to New Heights with AI

May 7, 2021
8 Real World Examples of Businesses that Grew to New Heights with AI

While a non-specialist would think of Artificial Intelligence as something too technical for their understanding, some businesses are integrating the innovative technology to excel in their core processes and customer service.

AI empowers businesses to simplify their workflows as it infuses human-like intelligence into machines. AI developers work with brands to curate multiple solutions using AI technology and help them achieve their business goals.

Examples of Businesses that Grew to New Heights with AI

  • Google

The tech giant Google leverages Artificial Intelligence to improve its search engine algorithms. With the help of the machine learning arm of AI technology, Google gets its algorithms to grasp user search patterns to display the most accurate search results for all kinds of searches. The fact that more than 75% of the world uses Google to know anything that they don’t’ know stands testimony to their success. The company also uses the AI tech for self-driving cars, which operate intending to provide a safe transit option for commuters. 

  • Rare Carat

Touted as the ‘Kayak of Diamonds,’ Rare carat is a business that uses IBM Watson technology for diamond price comparison on multiple retail websites. Users appreciate how they can find the exact kind of diamond they are looking for at just the right price. The business is now using Artificial Intelligence technology to curate a life-like virtual diamond shopping experience for its clients. With Artificial Intelligence, they would be able to answer queries and address issues that their users may have during the purchase journey in an automated manner. 

  • Spotify

Following suit with other music and video streaming companies, Spotify jumped onto the AI bandwagon and has started using the deep learning tech to recommend music to its users based on their preferences. The recommendation engine works to learn the kind of music a user enjoys and then churns out suitable options for further listening. Segments like ‘Discover Weekly Playlist’ and ‘Suggested songs’ serve as a window to showcase these personalized recommendations to every user based on their listening preference, thanks to AI-backed predictive analysis. 

  • Amazon

Amazon is one company that uses artificial intelligence in various aspects of its workflow. Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, is one main example of the use of AI technology. Amazon captures many user data and analyzes their buying habits to ship items to them even before they think of buying them. Their robust predictive analysis is almost accurately intuitive and pleases the user with an excellent shopping experience. Amazon also has innovative brick-and-mortar stores for convenience shopping called Amazon Go which have no checkout whatsoever. The charges are automatically deducted from a user’s card once they are done shopping and leave the store.

  • Under Armor

Under Armor came up with an innovative health-tracking app called ‘Record’, which uses Artificial Intelligence to track the user’s workouts, eating, and sleeping habits from their data. The app uses AI to make personalized recommendations about nutrition and training based on user’s data. It is transforming the way users access fitness habits, their tracking, and improvement.

  • Alibaba

The famous Chinese e-commerce platform rules the global shopping space. Alibaba uses Artificial intelligence for its daily operations and predictive analysis to forecast what users would like to purchase. The business uses natural language processing for automatic product description generation. The company also invests heavily in artificial intelligence to build smart cities across China for its City Brain project. The integration of AI algorithms minimizes traffic jams with intelligent vehicle monitoring. Alibaba also has a cloud computing division that aids farmers in monitoring crops, maximizing yield, and bringing the costs down.

  • Facebook

Facebook leverages both AI and deep learning to structure its complex data. The company uses DeepText, an engine designed to understand the text and interpret it in an automatic manner. Moving a step ahead, the platform also deciphers the emotional sentiment ingrained in millions of posts, often in different languages published all over the globe. Another extension of the use of AI tech is the Deep Face tech that helps the engine spot different faces on the photos shared on the user’s profile. Facebook excels at using artificial intelligence in face recognition and boasts of being better than people themselves. 

  • Microsoft

Microsoft is one company that is optimizing the use of artificial intelligence to aid its vision statement. The brand has vouched to leverage smart machines to execute even the smallest of functions. Microsoft uses AI tech in all of its products and offerings like Cortana, Skype, Bing, and even Office 365. It is one of the most popular (AIaaS) AI as a Service provider across the globe.

In the End

Artificial Intelligence is an excellent technology that can help businesses leverage competitive advantage in their respective field. It enhances the user experience, is more efficient at what they do, and is the best in their respective fields. It’s time businesses embrace AI technologies to offer next-level offerings to outshine the business world. Businesses are using artificial intelligence in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and even customer service. Looking to integrate AI technology into your website or your app? We work with skilled AI developers to improve your products and services.

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