8 Biggest Enterprise Software Development Trends in 2021

February 13, 2021
2021 8 Biggest Enterprise Software Development Trends 

Be it a sales department or an IT company; every organization needs different software systems to perform its core functions. For example, email marketing systems are used to handle emails; payroll management systems are used for processing the monthly salaries of employees, human resource and recruitment departments use resource planning and management software systems to do what they do.

All these enterprise software work in a way that caters to the needs of businesses. Even though this software is essential for coordinating a company’s functionalities, they can become redundant. With time, they can get old, saturated, and extremely laggard. Several reasons may contribute to the falling popularity and flexibility of the enterprise software systems, some of which are:

  • Software scalability: As companies grow and hire new employees, they have to extend the software systems to use these recruits. However, scalability, when not addressed properly, can hamper the way employees access it. 
  • Handling legacy systems: Most companies work with legacy systems, where the software caters to the business’s daily needs based on the original plan. However, with changing the time, they sometimes become obsolete in the way they execute functions.
  • Diversification of needs: In developing markets, vendor and end-user needs are also developing and evolving rapidly. The enterprise systems sometimes fail to meet ends and satisfy the diversified demands.

Top 2021 enterprise software development trends

In 2021, many transformational trends are being adopted by several companies for enterprise software development all around the world. Here, we have described the top software development trends that will change the enterprise systems this coming year.

  1. Internet of Things or IoT

IoT is indeed one of the most popular software development trends where multiple software platforms are interlinked over a wireless network. This bridges the gap between the functionalities and response time of different platforms built to perform one task in whole.

In today’s time, IoT or Internet of Things is being used in many cases, for example:

  • Interconnected IoT data analytical systems
  • Smart grids
  • IoT based tracking and monitoring platforms
  • Supply chain management system based on IoT

  1. Artificial intelligence

With technologies like artificial intelligence around the corner, it has become easy for companies to deploy work faster than expected. This technology can read, evaluate, and operate on data after performing several human-based tests to interpret the most likely results.

AI has changed the software development industry, enabling the enterprises to develop and deploy high-end, customized solutions to several businesses, be it healthcare, retail, shipping, and others. Some of the notable 2021 AI trends are:

  • Combination of AI with RPA: Hyper Automation
  • AI-based cybersecurity
  • Ethical AI
  • Natural Language Processing

  1. Cloud technology

Another notable technological trend that every enterprise should look for is cloud computing. Last year has seen a phenomenal increase in users’ integrating their systems with cloud software.

This wireless server offers data security, services like PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, unlimited storage bandwidth, fast connectivity, etc. For this reason, many companies are hoping to accept the 2021 cloud computing trends with open arms. Some of the examples are:

  • Incorporation of AI with cloud technology
  • Serverless architecture- PaaS based
  • Automated optimization of the cloud structure

  1. Low code development

With so many integrated and cross-code platforms, IT professionals can now build applications without the use of hardcore coding knowledge. Several development technologies are there with the drag-and-drop feature that allows the software developers to design a customized package and develop the codes from pre-built snippets.

With the integration of low code technology, companies can now establish the applications faster without much error in the process. Apart from this, even automation processes have adopted this low-code feature to speed up the final deployment.

  1. Augmentation

Developing technologies with human behaviour has already changed the world. And now, with its integration into enterprise software development, companies can remove every kind of obsoleteness. The significant forms of human augmentation are:

Virtual Reality: Creating a simulated environment based on real-time experience has helped enterprises provide real-time solutions to their clients in a short time.

Augmented Reality: this technology helps enterprises to bridge the gap between real objects and the designed one, to ensure the end-users can enjoy the virtual world in the best possible manner.

  1. Blockchain

The final technological trend of 2021 that your enterprise needs are blockchain technology. Several businesses have already adopted the cryptocurrencies as one of the transaction methods during their software development. And that’s where the blockchain comes into the preview.

It offers a transparent database where every user can access the data, and at the same time, unauthorized intrusions can be prevented. Again, blockchain is providing a direct mode of transactions to small-scale businesses without any third-party system involvement.


With the growing demand for more advanced software development solutions, different companies are looking for new ways to develop enterprise software systems. We hope that these six trending technologies will help businesses achieve their goals and produce the best performing software applications

However, it’s not always easy to integrate the latest tech trends into your software development project. You can always hire offshore software developers or skilled virtual employees to execute such integrations. 


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