7 Essential Skills to Look Before Hiring ASP.NET Developers

March 20, 2019

14 years ago, was when.Net was first announced by Microsoft and it has enjoyed 10 substantial updates till date. With its features like support of multiple languages and UI best practices.Net is a developers’ preferred option when it comes to Web application development and PC application development.

Dot Net developer survey from Progress with 100,000 volunteers says that-

  • 38% of the developers think that the prospect to create and run .NET applications cross-platform is “amazing.”
  • 43% of them think that .NET Core being an open source platform and cross-platform compatible is kind of a “dream come true.”

With that being said, there is no mix-up about selecting a platform for your next web development venture. Nevertheless, when you choose to hire asp net developer you will certainly witness numerous types of developers.

Many of them present themselves as experts. As a consequence, you are left with a humongous doubt on how to gauge them before considering them for your project. That is exactly where this article comes in. You can gauge for 7 specific skills that you must look for before you decide to hire dot net developers:

Skills you need to look when you hire Asp.Net Developer-


.NET MVC (Model View Controller)

ASP.NET MVC is being used widely over the web market substituting numerous others challenging it. As web programming is developing further a developer should perfect this skill. With the assistance of this framework, creators can make stunning, fast and safe web applications easily. Thus, this constraint can be measured in the first place while assessing applicants. This resource can be extremely beneficial for your developers to learn ASP.NET MVC

Understanding of client-side know-hows

A devoted.Net developer should have skills of generating highly inventive, attractive and interactive web applications. This raises his value in the market. In order to accomplish that, understanding of client-side technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQueryis a necessity. Henceforth, while appointment; make sure they are comfortable with your language demands. This is particularly applicable.

Hire Asp.Net Developer who has sound knowledge of database application

Data is one of the most significant characteristics of app development, and .NET is no exclusion. Your offshore.Net development squad must be experienced not only with Microsoft’s own SQL databases but also efficient modern technology like NoSQL. Consequently, the more.Net developers know about this arena, better performing and enhanced web pages will be developed.

Hire.Net Developer certified in MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) accreditation is a highly wanted certification in the market. This skill is valued as its expansion and upkeep come from Microsoft itself which requires refinement after every two years. Hence, this ability level can be looked for improving code quality of your offshore.Net development team.

Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional)

Microsoft MVP is one of the most esteemed certifications in the market. A.Net creator with the same certification is measured to have leadership value and high skill level in the said framework. Furthermore, it will enhance the scalability of your venture. Therefore, if you are employing someone with such a skill set, you will have a mentor for your mission.

Dot Net Developer should have a good understanding of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

Another important skill that you must look for when you wish to hire asp net developer, is the understanding of OOP. The concept of OOP (object-oriented programming) is a rudimentary skill for even a student. If the applicant does not have the familiarity of OOP, he is not prepared for the mission. OOP concepts comprise concepts of inheritance, composition, generalization, and dependency.

Additional skills (Extra Tips)

Besides, ASP.NET developers must have extra skills like expertise with C#, a capacity to read and write code in C#, an optimistic attitude, brilliant communication skill, a talent for analytical thinking, the practical experience of 3-4 years, ability to instantly reply to the fluctuations of the application, dependability, etc.

While you hire dot net developers for your forthcoming project, you must keep in mind that only theoretical knowledge is not adequate for an applicant. There is a considerable difference between theory and practice. So, you must evaluate how much practical knowledge they possess by evaluating their previous work done.