5 Best Free and Open Source Remote Monitoring Software

August 17, 2020
5 Best Free and Open Source Remote Monitoring Software

Remote Monitoring Software are resourceful tools that aid managed IT, service providers, in areas like monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting problems. Such software allows a proactive monitoring of the client networks, endpoints and computers. Using a Remote Monitoring Software can help in maintaining control of the work processes during remote staffing. It can also help in gathering vital data from the computing mechanism to supervise the remote operations efficiently. 

Why Free and Open Source Remote Monitoring Software:

Free and Open Source Remote Monitoring Software offer unparalleled cost-saving and help businesses leverage the latest developments in the field of technology. Businesses benefit from these free and open-source tools by fetching home better ROIs. These software products:

  1. Manage the computer mechanisms and networks for all twenty-four hours with remote monitoring software. It helps mitigate the risk that surfaces with problems they may develop during the usage of the managed system. These software products help in the fast troubleshooting without having any disturbance in the workflow of an offshore virtual employee. Admins can quickly resolve the issues without any physical intervention.
  2. The Remote Monitoring software will ensure the correct machine operation. It becomes alert, receives all information and takes necessary actions regarding an attempted security breach, in case of intrusions. 

In addition to monitoring offshore virtual employees and maintaining normal IT operations, this software also helps in case of any issue with the computer mechanism in a remote location. They remotely monitor and supervise every single site helping business staff stay connected always and handle emergencies.

5 Best Free and Open Source Remote Monitoring Software
  • Zabbix

On the list of most popular RMM software, Zabbix is the free, unified and open-source software that can streamline your business operations. It monitors network data, from virtually connected machines and devices. Zabbix supports remote staffing without physical intervention. It ensures fast accumulation of network data, data visualization and also comes up with notifications and instant alerts whenever necessary. Zabbix can deal with technical issues and make your business safe and secure. Companies also like it due to its easy configurability with existing networks. Zabbix Agent module lets users track network utilization metrics quickly. Users also appreciate it’s notification and communication module that allow swift delegation of alerts, announcements, and streamlined communications among stakeholders. It also features innovative tools for trend prediction, anomaly detection, problem forecasting, intelligent alerting, event correlation, and remote command executions. Follow a simple setup and configuration process through Zabbix’s creative templates for integration and installation.

  • Nagios

Nagios is a comprehensive remote monitoring software with the ability to monitor applications and various services through its operating mechanisms. It manages network protocols, multiple infrastructural elements along with the system metrics. It is an all-in-one tool to help an offshore virtual employee in using the essential script APIs in the secure supervision of the in-house teams. It can fix business-related issues and has the alert acknowledgment system to facilitate secure communication in business. Overloaded network connections or data links, routers, drives, switches can be monitored using Nagios. It enables monitoring of the uptime, response time and availability of every node on the network. Additionally, Nagios can present the results in an eclectic mix of the report and visually enhanced representations.

  • Cacti

Cacti is a successful RMM software that takes care of the complete frontend. When connected to RRDTool, it creates graphs and fills them with data in MySQL database. It is the liberated network monitoring device that can be a part of the Linux or Windows OS. It functions in sync with the SNMP, which allows presenting the vivid network statistics in the natural form for the perfect understanding of the charts. As an advantage, it has a user management tool in-built which allows for adding users and giving them rights to specific areas of Cacti. With Cacti, you can scale to a more significant number of graphs and data sources by using templates. 

  • Icinga 

An integrated remote monitoring software, Icinga is innovative in the realm of remote systems monitoring. It offers individual solutions for the various systems workable in the field of network monitoring. Icinga has a framework that can be customized while also being more reliable at remote tracking of drivers and servers while supporting both SNMP and direct monitoring. This software excels at data provision, alert availability, improving connectivity and checking the robustness of your infrastructure. Icinga supports scaling, clustering, and zone monitoring abilities eases the burden of admins. 

  • NetData 

NetData provides businesses with unparalleled real-time monitoring and can aptly troubleshoot the system-related complications that arise with steady applications. Being extremely efficient with real-time metrics, it is a popular choice among offshore virtual employees. Its deployment is simple without any need for configuration. The prebuilt charts and alarms enable high- resolution granularity. Net data is suitable for making troubleshooting less hassle some as within minutes on installation; it allows identification and addressing of anomalies.


Choosing a remote monitoring software can be tricky for businesses. It’s essential to consider capabilities like remote tracking and monitoring modules for each option available. Choose the software that fits aptly into your current business workflows and models.