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Hire Tech Support in India To Save 70% Cost

Outsourcing technical assistance services involves the transition from the technical assistance service function within an organization to an external service provider.

Technical Support Services consists of managing research, support for PC, support for servers and other devices – such as network devices, mobile phones and PDAs, peripherals such as digital cameras and printers and consumer devices such as video cameras and devices of game.

In the USA and the European Union, technical assistance service is considered as a short-term job option and the drop-out rates are very high. In India, tech support assistance is considered as a viable long-term career taking into account the surplus in the provision of educated and technically trained labor. Subcontract technical IT support functions India guarantees the continuity of operations, quality and offers a good cost-benefit ratio.

You should be aware that not all consultants offer the same level of service. Ideally, you need a technical consultant that offers IT administration services, which can provide you with the following advantages:


The main advantage of an IT tech support program is that the responsibility of maintaining the IT system becomes the IT consultant, instead of your company. In addition to responding when you have a problem, it can offer some interesting services, such as maintenance scheduling, implementation of data security protocols, systems and networks making periodic backups or suggestions for improvements, etc.


Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize are the characteristics of a good technical service provider. When working from the point of view of a service, you can schedule your tasks and workloads taking into account the workloads of the company. By operating methodically, there will be less downtime, greater system efficiency and lower costs for lost work.

Operational improvements

A good tech support service provider will offer you all the advantages we have talked about, but an excellent one will go a step further and identify innovative ways in which technology can help your company grow. Through the proper use of technology, an innovative IT consultant can suggest ways to increase operational efficiency, improve ROI and develop relationships with your customers.

Global corporations have had to focus on customer service and after-sales technical support as critical differentiators that help them stay ahead in a highly competitive business environment. Outsourcing technical assistance services is no longer seen as a short-term tool for cost reduction, the current focus is to win long-term competition.


Outsourcing tech support to India contribute to organizational performance in many ways:

  • The use of technical resources by the employees is optimized
  • Greater moral and confidence on the part of the employees towards new processes and products
  • Organizational flexibility when updating new applications
  • Optimize the use of the product by customers
  • Higher levels of product knowledge and its functions among customers
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and retention
  • Ideas to improve the product as well as the development of new products
  • Database on customer queries and problem solving

The transition from an on-site customer service to an outsourced model with the least number of interruptions and minimum time is a challenge in the outsourcing of technical support functions.

The infrastructure and technical assistance capabilities of the subcontracted partner are a significant factor that will ensure an uneventful transition of the customer service functions.

Outsource Technical Support Service: Benefits

Companies aim to achieve a desired increase in their final balances and the providers of tech support services must constantly provide added value to meet the specific objectives of each client. The option that “one size fits all” is no longer an option for global contact centers – that is, a place, a technology, a business model. The Customer Service must adapt to the needs of individual customers to ensure the success of the results.

In addition to reducing operating costs, outsourced technical IT support service helps companies in many ways:

  • Focus on basic needs
  • Achieve greater flexibility
  • Reduction of infrastructure investments
  • Less delay in establishing technical support services and / or call centers
  • Take advantage of the superior experience of technical support teams
  • Improvement in service delivery models
  • Facilitates the design of products based on customer feedback
  • Greater operational efficiency and reduction of operational risk
  • Emphasis on automation

The outsourced technical IT support centers in India invest in state-of-the-art technology as well as the latest in installations to set up a customer service center. If you work with Optimal Virtual Employee, we will offer you the best resource at cost reduction of 70%.

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