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Hire full time Data Scientists in India and save 70%

– We have a dynamic group of Data Scientists who use innovative approach for solving your business problems.

– When you choose to work with us, you not only get the best experience but you also get the most suitable results because our Data Scientists are keen on using their deep experience to deliver cutting edge technology.

– Our Data Scientists are adept in using the best tools and technologies for giving you outstanding finished product.

Today, companies are acquiring more data than earlier. For all kinds of organizations, raw data has become very important. However many disregards the open doors this mass storage of data provides by lacking the best data analytical skills required to interpret it into noteworthy bits of knowledge. That is where offshore data scientists come in. Optimal Virtual Employee’s highly experienced full-time data scientists help you evaluate, arrange, envision and interpret diverse and large collections of data. In addition, they represent confounded data as a coherent whole, which can help you effectively find connections, screen trends, draw in critical surmising, and determine the next plan of action leading to astute business decisions, better knowledge of customer behaviors and better user experience, leading to more profit for your company.

Our skilled and experienced overseas data scientists and data analysts take care of the storage, transaction, research, and upkeep of unstructured heaps of data in a well-planned and controlled manner to help utilize most of it further for real-time research, visualization, and foresight.

Our solutions focus on 4 primary dimensions of Big Data:

Higher the amount of data, broader would be the information, in this way expanding data and profundity of information making sure better decision making.

This recognizes the convergence and investigation of streaming data. Expanding client data given quickly into the big data analytics achieves expanded likeliness to help settle on the correct choice at the opportune time to achieve management goals.

This dimension talks about the acknowledgment of value-added data. Higher the combination, cleansing and persistence information, there is an improved probability of particular basic decision making.

Diverse resources and data, whether it is from the logs, CRM systems, interpersonal media and so many more, assist in better knowledgeable, cutting-edge choices.

The prospect of big data has been around for quite a while; most organizations presently understand the undeniable reality that if they use all the data that they get, they’ll surely be in a position to apply analytics and get momentous benefits from it. Today organizations need to use big data and Optimal Virtual Employee offers moderate big data development solutions. Our thoroughly screened teams comprising data scientists, big data experts, data engineers, offshore data analysts, and visualizers have extensive experience in the industry. Experts can work on your short-term or long-term projects and enable you to get unparalleled value for your money. You can even purchase counseling time from specialists that match your coveted competence and skill. Optimal Virtual Employee accomplishes something noteworthy-it is gathering a couple of the most renowned experts in virtualized space, giving you the comfort and general adaptability of employing on-demand.


Our bouquet of big data service offerings includes:

• Data storage tools and technologies
• Data processing
• Data informatics
• Advance data visualization
• Architectural approaches
• Application Servers
• BI & Analytics tools
Database development
• Data warehouse design
• Database integration and ETL jobs
• Data quality & profiling
• Big data implementation & POC
• Database migration assistance
• Database modeling & design
• Database administration

Why data scientists from Optimal Virtual Employee?

At Optimal Virtual Employee, we make community-oriented endeavors to bring order to your big data while our team of senior-level consultants assists with implementing the systems required to control and comprehend your data, helping you to forecast customer demand and settle on more better choices at the perfect time. Reviewing your business issues in detail, we give you the vital data expected to be most useful, utilizing the vitality of information you develop, to support you.

Data Collection
Among small to large businesses, big data collection holds extreme significance as this technique enhances business brains while marketing strategies are optimized. You are able to choose your computer data collection strategy depending upon the types of systems you’re using.

Big data collection is quite important whether it’s a small or a large business. This boosts the business while streamlining marketing strategies. With regards to the technologies you are employing, you can pick the procedure for data collection.

Data Processing
This technique employed by Optimal Virtual Employee is effective in inspecting big data collections at even petabyte level. Off-line batch data handling is usually full power and full scale, handling self-assertive BI use situations, whereas real-time stream handling is performed on the most up to date cut of data for data profiling to choose outliers.

Data Analysis
This evaluation is executed with the program tools widely used within advanced analytics disciplines such as predictive analytics, data mining, text analytics and statistical evaluation. Our overseas data analysts go for different tools for the same.

Data Execution
Our experts use a number of frameworks suiting your business needs and there are always a new series of execution frameworks. Thus, we pick the best execution strategy for the issues you want us to address.

Thus it makes sense for your company to outsource data analysis to Optimal Virtual Employee get virtual employee expert in data science and save 70% costs with 100% work satisfaction.

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