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Android apps have changed the smartphone space forever and that’s why it’s the focus of every firm nowadays. From games to enterprise apps, Android rules the roost. But hiring Android developers is expensive in developed countries, which also raises the cost of development. No wonder companies have started looking for the option of hiring an offshore Android developer in India. It helps them get on a sustainable growth path. It enables them to achieve more strategic gains compared to the traditional local team model. Here it is important to understand that hiring remote resources is not just about cost saving measures but benefits exceed beyond that.

Here are the following 5 benefits of hiring full time offshore Android developers in India and working with the top Android app development company in India

Faster innovation

It has been found that those companies have better probability to win in the marketplaces that have better access to technology and manpower since it allows them to innovate faster. According to a report by Forbes, 85% of those winners are firms that have better sourcing ability of technology and manpower from the developing world. It allows them to innovate faster and reap other benefits beyond cost-saving.

Cost saving

Hiring Android developers can be very expensive in developed countries. For instance, a normal 4-5 years experience Android developer in the US or UK charges around $40-50/hour. You can get the similar level work quality by hiring 6-8 years experience overseas Android developers in $10-20/hour in India. Now you can easily imagine how much you can save by hiring remote Android developers. You can use this capital on marketing or winning more clients.

Focus on core work

If Android development is not your core work, it makes even more sense to outsource the non-core work such as Android development. The reason is simple: the more is the quantum of non-core functions, it consumes your time and energy even more. By hiring remote resources, you can focus better on those activities that are critical for the success of your firm. In addition, you also get better project control compared to the traditional outsourcing model since your remote Android developers report directly to your local manager and you’re billed only for the resources that work for you. So invoicing in the case of the remote model is 100% transparent.

Quick development

When it comes to delivery and development time, it is difficult to match the remote development model. By hiring overseas Android developers in India and outsourcing Android app development in India, you can develop mobile apps much faster than your competitors as you’ll not need time to set up a big team. An offshore location such as India has a huge pool of Android app developers with experience of working with big tech giants. They have better technical exposure than an in-house development team. You just need to share your requirements, and your remote Android developers will start working on the project.

Often a shortage of manpower resources cripples the ability of firms to grow fast. In a mature outsourcing destination such as India, hiring a team of even 100+ developers is not a big deal. So, you can develop your enterprise Android application much faster.

Seize market opportunities quickly

In an agile market, the race to get the first movers advantage is hotter. As new markets emerge, it becomes all the more important to tap into market before your competitors do. You can launch your products faster than your rivals. In addition, if you hire Android developer in India, it improves the odds of success. Your firm will be better placed to seize the opportunities in emerging markets.

Hiring remote employees in offshore locations is a proven business model and that’s why many companies are increasingly opting for it because of the advantages it offers. It becomes all the more important in today’s uncertain business climate, but hiring remote Android programmers can help you leapfrog your competitors quickly. So, why wait? Get effective Android app development in India working with the top Android app development company in India right now and save 70% in cost!

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”I was looking for a company to update my boring, quirky, not-so-user-friendly website and I happened across Optimal Virtual Employee on the internet. I had worked with a lot of people on that website, but I could tell this company was much more promising. Their support team checked in from time to time and made sure to give me a good laugh or share a deep life value. I am so excited about the final product! It looks amazing.”


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