Offshore Outsourcing: A Smart Move For Getting Business Done!

November 9, 2018

Offshore Outsourcing services allow IT companies to focus on the core of their business and leave part or all of their IT department in the hands of a specialized outsourcing provider. These IT outsourcing service providers help in providing added value in the start-up and evolution of their projects. In order to achieve this objective that appears as a tactical one but over time becomes strategic can be achieved by allying with a provider with a strong orientation to the service. The one who has the technicians, skills, and experience that permanently guarantee access to the necessary and cutting-edge knowledge.

For several years, India has been the linchpin for offshoring any kind of information technology and development services. This is because companies can drastically reduce their operating costs by shifting there while maintaining the highest quality at a low price. Nowhere else in the world one can find that perfect harmonious balance which is why more and more companies are outsourcing in India.

If you still have doubts that offshoring is right for your business then here are 5 good reasons to rethink:

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing the work can dramatically reduce the cost of having an internal team. Costs such as salaries, recruitment, and other benefits can be reduced immediately. Also, all the cost associated with their work also reduces (for example, required equipment). Of course, then you might need an initial investment to outsource primarily but the fact that the company does not have to set up the infrastructures and the team itself leads to massive cost and labor force reductions.

High-quality services

When the outsourcing company takes over your development then you are very likely to face people with years of experience in the field. As a customer, you will experience something that can be seen as a “can-do” approach. This is the approach that makes everything doable in a predefined time and schedule. This kind of approach you can not find in an internal team.

State of the art

In order to run a profitable business and have a competitive advantage the IT outsourcing service providers need not only the latest equipment but also the state-of-the-art knowledge of that niche. So, if you choose offshore development or for example outsourcing in India then you are guaranteed to get the most efficient and technologically advanced service.


One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your development processes is the time you spend scaling your own business. Because you have a dedicated team that takes care of the entire technical side of the business while you can spend your time more effectively than worrying about issues.


Outsourcing your development gives you the flexibility to control and determine the size of your team without having to worry about recruitment. If you believe that the project is not progressing fast enough then you may ask additional developers (if available) to participate. On the other hand, if you want to cut costs then you can reduce the size of the team as well.

In recent years, the Indian IT market has become more professional. There are already a lot of informatics companies that provide the same quality of service as their counterparts in the US. Accenture, the world’s largest consulting firm, has already begun to handle only project management in Western countries and does all the programming work in India. Already more than 100,000 people work for Accenture in India.

In addition to the professional companies, there are also companies that offer very low rates from India. These companies benefit from the disciplined deliveries and positive rankings that help them receive new orders. Of course, the fact that they take only 10 dollars or less per hour. That is three times less than as compared to European or American rates.

Therefore IT outsourcing India mostly turns out in a profitable deal. Once the IT companies in India win the trust of their clients they will make every possible effort to keep their clients happy and satisfied that is something genetic in Indians.

For these many reasons, there is a need for outsourcing in India. It helps you reduce your development costs and provide you with high-quality development. Feel free to contact us and let us be your local partner in offshoring!