New Tricks to Promote your Newly Launched Apps on Social media

January 11, 2021
New Tricks to Promote your Newly Launched Apps on Social media

There are a multitude of apps on the app store that offer similar features, how do you make yours outshine among other similar products? Even if you build the best mobile app in the business, making it available to its target set of audience can be difficult. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook serve as perfect poaching grounds for app developers looking to reach out to their target set of audience. App developers need to devise a strategic app marketing plan to earn significant returns from it. Marketing when done through social media helps attract users, engage them and help them stick to the app. Social media marketing strategies can optimize the audience outreach for an app product. An app developer must use social media app marketing tools to enhance outreach, create brand loyalty and awareness and engage users. 

Promote your Newly Launched Apps through Social media with New Tricks

There are numerous ways through which you can promote your newly launched apps onto various social media channels. Some of the most effective ones are discussed as underneath:

  • Spread the News About App Launch

In contrast to popular trends, app marketing begins even before the launch happens. App developers must create awareness about their app product before they launch it as it can be valuable for potential users of the app, which inturn can surge the no. of app downloads post the launch. Research your target audience and the kind of content they engage with, to spread the news about the app launch. You can also share a short and crisp teaser around the app to give users an idea about what is coming there way.

  • Peer Engagement

Participating and being an active part of entrepreneurial as well as app development circuits hosted on various social media platforms, provides an interesting opportunity for app marketing. Peer engagement on these targeted groups on social media platforms helps app developers network their way up to the people who may be the most suitable audience for their product. Forming cordial relations with fellow developers and veterans in the field helps app developers garner useful reviews too. Use this opportunity to spread the word through promotional codes and discount coupons etc.

  • Influencer Marketing

A fun way of engaging users is to interact with them through the medium of opinion polls. Collaborations with influencers can help app developers promote the app on different social media platforms. Integrating call-to-action tactics into influencer marketing campaigns helps with increasing user visits, sign ups and general awareness. All the sign ups garnered through influencer marketing can help build up an email marketing list and reach directly into the inbox of your target audience.

  • Demo Videos

A precise and crisp demo video of your mobile app can be intrinsic to your app marketing plan. The video should be a compact  overview of how the app works and what all it can accomplish. Spanning roughly between 45 seconds to 90 seconds, the demo video should be designed to double up as a promotional video on social media channels. Moreover, adding the demo video to the app download page helps people use it to its full potential.

  • Tailored Content

Relevant content forms the basis of social media marketing. App promotions can be fueled through pre-launch buzz created through content. Intelligent content marketing with emphasis on value proposition for the user, can help promote the app on various social channels. While it may seem like a very basic thing to do, including direct links to download the app on all official webpages and social handles, can be a game changer when it comes to social media marketing. Since social media platforms lead a lot of traffic to business sites, to engage these users clever link placement is necessary.

  • Hashtag It

Hashtags can be indispensable when it comes to social media app marketing. Integrating hashtags is simple, easy and fun. Hashtags make the foundation of social media searches today. Incorporating hashtags into the content makes it more searchable for users on the lookout for relevant material. Increase the number of followers you have, promote your app and engage your target audience through hashtags. Getting users to add comments to existing posts and stories can help you make it viral all over the internet. Using a hashtag generator look helps you come up with an engaging hashtag for your brand.

In the End

We are a generation that suspects obvious pomp and splendour in marketing and appreciate businesses that create value instead. Using these well-thought app marketing tricks to promote a newly launched app on social media can turn it around for the best. Greater downloads, more engagement and better returns, all this and more await once you use these tricks to promote your apps. 

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