Magento Vs WooCommerce Vs OpenCart – Which Is The Top Server-Side Programming Language ?

October 4, 2021

The argument for which server-side programming language is the best is always building up among every entrepreneur and proficient developer. As eCommerce is at its growing stage, it is yet to flourish completely. But it has started gaining efficiency after Covid-19. It is high time to explore and choose between Magento Vs Woo Commerce Vs OpenCart. One needs to understand what suits best for their business to maximize the potential and sales.

  1. Magento

Magento is considered one of the most flexible eCommerce platforms in the market. Magento offers endless possibilities for tech-savvy store owners. In June 2020, Magento stopped its official site of Magento 1.x version thus the customers started migrating to Magento 2.x. One of the biggest benefits of choosing this platform is that it accepts multiple currencies. Magento generates tax rates as per location, product type, and customer group. It smoothly integrated with numerous payment systems like Paypal, Stripe, Amazon payment, etc. The website is built professionally and looks well organized. It offers commendable functionalities and endless options for building a flawless store.

Magento is an open-sourced platform that has an extended plugin architecture. Magento allows the seller developer to modify the code and expand the store’s functionalities as one gets unlimited custom features.


Features of Magento

  1. Catalog Control

  • It allows downloading videos, music, images, etc
  • It supports all kinds of virtual products
  • Products can be edited with ease
  • Highly customizable options such as resizing and watermarking are provided
  • Export and import of products can be done offline
  1. Analyzing and Reporting
  • Offers google analytics

  • Helps in making invoices, sales, and tax reports
  • Shows abandoned shopping cart and low stock reports
  • Products review reports are also displayed
  1. SEO Centered

  • Auto sort the popular searches
  • Manually generates google sitemaps
  • Support all SEO-friendly URLs
  • Quick loading options like minimal usage .css and .js files


  1. Marketing tools

  • Examine coupon usage and manages the newsletter
  • Helps in cross-selling products
  • Provides free shipping
  • Promotional pricing is restricted for some categories only
  • Gives the privilege of price variation on the basis of quality
  1. Mobile friendly

  • Can be accessed from Andriod, iPhone, and opera browsers as well
  • Supports all media files
  • Zoom and multi-touch is available
  • Drag and drop option is provided


It is one of the most utilized and efficient eCommerce platforms globally. It is not known by a lot of people that WooCommerce is neither a complete content management system nor a complete framework. In fact, it is more like a plugin powered and developed by WordPress and it’s free to use. It is very convenient and affordable. This is best for those marketers who don’t want to spend a lot on developing an e-commerce website. Another reason why it has gained so much popularity is because of its simplicity. Even a person who is not a developer can make an exemplary website using WooCommerce.


Features of WooCommerce

  1. Commendable analytics
  • A great set of analytics is displayed in a clear and automatic interface
  • Can be simply integrated with external analytics like Google Analytics
  1. Perfect for selling products
  • Provides 100+ payment gateways for integration with your e-store
  • Thousands of configurable options are available for making website mobile-friendly
  • Premium WooCommerce allows creating a customized theme for the e-store
  • Provides various shipping methods along with configurable shipping zones
  • The stocks, orders, refunds, emails are managed efficiently by the backend of WooCommerce


  1. Phenomenal Content Management
  • Together WooCommerce and WordPress offers all essential components for content management
  • Various options such as blogging, email marketing, landing pages, products descriptions, and much more
  • WooCommerce is very compatible with SEO plugins such as Yoast WooCommerce SEO which makes it easy for retailers to enhance the content accordingly


If you’re a small or mid-size business owner then OpenCart is the one-stop solution for your website. It is an open-source platform built on a PHP framework. It has got the highest number of customization options as compared to any other eCommerce platform. The basic installation is free but one needs to pay extra for additional customizations.


Features of OpenCart


  1. Simple to develop and operate
  • Has built-in PHP and MySQL
  • One can customize an extension for their website
  • The steps to make the website are very simple


  1. Multi-store serviceability
  • Arranges customer groups for every store
  • Localize stores for major countries by setting default currency, tax, and language
  • Use different themes for different shops


  1. SEO URLs in multiple languages
  • One can generate multilingual SEO URLs in the latest version of OpenCart
  • You can use the primary language of the e-store in URLs and configure them for all other pages and the SEO keywords will also move in the new tab. So that, if you want them, you can enable that for that page.


Final Comparison

We have covered the major essential features of Magento, WooCommerce, and OpenCart. So now it solely depends on the needs of your eCommerce website. For more help, we have answered a few questions below that will help you in making the decision easier.

  • Which one is most popular among all?

Magento is the 3rd most popular eCommerce globally.

  • Which platform will keep the website secured?

Magento provides the best security among these three.

  • Which platform is affordable?

WooCommerce is cheap and provides the best features for the website.

  • Which platform is best for small businesses?

WooCommerce comes with a WordPress plugin. Thus offers endless features. But if you don’t have enough money so opt for OpenCart as it is free.

  • Which platform is best for large or medium-sized businesses?

Magento is the one for your business.

  • Which platform is suitable for a professional developer?

OpenCart is perfect open-source for developers.

  • Which platform is SEO-friendly?

WooCommerce has a score of 97% which is the 2nd highest globally.