Hire Frontend developers in India and save 70%

  • We have a dynamic group of Frontend Developers who use innovative approach for solving your business problems.
  • When you choose to work with us, you not only get the best experience but you also get the most suitable results because our developers are keen on using their deep experience to deliver cutting edge technology.
  • Our developers are adept in using the best tools and technologies for giving you outstanding finished product.
  • The in-depth benefits of outsourcing to India provides technological agility, quality, flexibility, cost control, and the time-to-market and competitive advantage. Added to that, Indians are far more proficient in English language skills and intercultural understanding and leave linguistic and cultural barriers that exist in other countries for outsourcing.
  • Fortunately, web developers can now be found all over the world. But India is the first name often suggested for web development outsourcing. As it offers countless excellent IT professionals from all sectors at relatively low wages.


Major Technologies OVE can be Helpful With

HTML : HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language interpreted by web browsers, that is, the skeleton of all websites. Its newest version is HTML5, which contains semantic tags to write clean code and has advantages as native support for audio and video.

Javascript : Javascript is a programming language that runs on the client-side (in the browser) and in most cases is used to make a website interactive.

Accessibility : It refers to the correct display of a website on all devices. It is relative to the concept of ‘Responsive web design’ that is achieved by adding CSS Media Queries that respond to the width of the screen or viewport.

Usability : It refers to the relationship between the user and the ease with which he manages to navigate the site.

CSS : CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the language that controls the appearance of the site, that is, with which you will give your HTML the visual style, defining colors, sizes, fonts, and even mouse events. Its latest version is CSS3, which supports natively, animations, shadows, curves etc.

PHP : PHP is a programming language that runs on the server, this means that it makes queries to return data, in this language dynamic and manageable websites are created.

SEO : SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the proper indexing that search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., make of a website to rank well in the search results. This is achieved through meta tags, titles and the correct use of keywords.

Performance : It must load fast because if users notice a low performance in load times, they will surely leave the website.


Why You Should Hire Frontend Developers From OVE

Coding Standards

We ensure that code is safe, secure and reliable.Our code can be maintained easily and works the same in every environment.

You’re In Control

Interview qualified, experienced mobile app developers until you find the best, whether it’s one developer or a team of developers.

Affordable Rates

We deliver high quality at a lower and affordable cost upto 70% less and be very transparent about how we did it.

Satisfied Clients

Keeping our customers satisfied with our product or service is non-negotiable. We want to make sure customers have a great experience.

Flexible Engagements

You have flexibility to choose and hire as per your custom needs. It could be hourly or fixed-cost engagement.

Development Experts

Our developers have in-depth understanding of latest framework and 10+ years in custom frontend services.

Our Happy Clients


“Over the past few years, our company has developed a number of strategic applications that has required particular skills at short notice. Optimal has worked with us to secure ad hoc resources for some time. They understand the types of resources we need and how to integrate these resources into our team.”


“We have been very happy with the phone call quality assessment services that Optimal has been providing. It has made a big difference to our internal efficiency and service quality to our clients.”


”Being in the digital media space I am constantly approached by companies offering a range of services, but Optimal has been one of the very few that made it past the first barrier and I put that down to their unique approach. For businesses looking for support services, I would encourage them to speak to Ronnie with an open mind and find out for themselves if Optimal is a good fit for their business.”


Process of Hiring

  1. You send requirement

  2. We shortlist candidates for you

  3. You test/interview candidates

  4. Hired candidate starts work

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