Cost To Develop and Maintain Flutter Mobile App Development

November 14, 2019

Mobile apps have proved unbelievably important in today’s day and age, especially due to the crucial importance it has begun to play in our day to day lives. Mobile apps, in hindsight, have made our lives simpler, more efficient and advanced than society could even begin to fathom just a few years ago.

Therefore, the benefits of flexibility and comfort they allow us is growing at an alarming rate, and thus, the demands for them also increase. It is also important to understand what are the benefits of a mobile app for business.

Whether you need to shop, order food or travel from one place to another- mobile apps have got you covered. Mobile app developers are constantly creating new apps, but what if there was an easier way? To solve this problem, Google came forth with Flutter in 2015.

Before hiring a mobile app developer it is important to understand what is Flutter? 

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development platform, with cross-platform technology. It is capable of creating apps across the two main smartphone platforms- Android and iOS, respectively. With Flutter, you wouldn’t even need to hire a mobile app developer for each individual platform.

Flutter has taken the world of app developers by storm. That being said, with Flutter, everyone has the chance of fulfilling their dream of owning a dream business app. With their easy to use widgets and tools, your problem to hire app developer will be over.

There is a wide range of benefits pertaining to this platform, some of which we will list for you below:

  • It is based on a fast, simple, programming language- Dart, which is easy to learn.
  • The platform provides widgets, which are fast and customizable, enabling you to create glitch-free, attractive apps
  • Due to its easy interface and programming, it has become a rival for reactive native and native apps
  • However, the most popular feature of this platform is its cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose Flutter App?

If you want to hire app developer, make sure that they intend to use Flutter, for it will make both, yours and their lives easier. The cost of developing will prove to be quite less, as will the time is taken to develop it, thus, reducing the strain on the funds in your business. What makes Flutter cost-effective?


Due to the convenience of creating mobile apps in a fraction of the time normally used, Flutter is immensely time-saving, contributing to faster designing and development of the mobile app.

This is directly proportional to your business. The faster the app reaches the market, the more successful it will be. In that case, Flutter ensures a proper understanding of your customers’ reaction and response to the app, as soon as it reaches the market.

What further distinguishes Flutter is the Flutter 1.0 expansion, allowing you to reuse up to 95% of its code, made even easier with the widget library. It takes a mere 25 seconds to update the app changes on the main screen.


Since we already know that Flutter is a free platform, it is now time to shed light on how it is open-source. It offers hundreds of third-party packages consisting of ads, videos, cloud, etc. accessible at no extra cost. This is a further incentive for businesses in search of scalability benefits, as these come at an extremely low cost.

Resource Utilization is Better

The fact that Flutter seamlessly develops programs across both mobile platforms, Android and iOS, reinstates the fact that it is resourceful, to say the least. Rather than hiring two separate app developers, you only need to hire one, who is skilled in Flutter. This is an advantage towards saving time, money and coordination on behalf of the project managers.

Maintenance is Easy

This factor is owed to the simplicity of the code used in programming on the Flutter platform. The issue is spotted, your team sources it and changes are quickly made, right in the nick of time. The hot reloading feature immediately updates the changes in the application and resolves the issues at hand. This procedure is so quick that the user may even fail to notice a major glitch

Cost of Developing a Flutter App through Mobile App Developer

Flutter is a completely free platform, and owing to the fact that it is simple and easy to use, the cost of developing mobile apps reduces enormously. This can be calculated by the following equation:

No: of hours required for each SDLC process x Hourly rate of flutter app developers

SDLC stands for the software development life cycle, which essentially stands for a summation of every process undertaken, including the UI/UX designing, platform-based app development, front end and back end development, production and quality assurance.

Thus, as we delve deeper and deeper into the processes, the factors continue increasing and it becomes more difficult to calculate the approximate cost to build an app. However, in theory, the longer it takes to build the app, the higher will its price be.

Thus, since Flutter conveniently happens to come in a portable UI toolkit, the time taken by mobile app developers on Flutter is reduced by half. When you a hire mobile app developer, the average cost of developing an app may range anywhere from $15,100 to $50,000. With Flutter, it is estimated to stand at a mere half of the normal rate.

Cost of Maintaining a Flutter App

Just like every other app after development, a Flutter app also needs to be maintained. The costs that go into the app, therefore, do not stop at the stage of development. Apps need to be maintained and upgraded for a variety of reasons.

Maintenance for an app is divided into the following sections:

Hire app developer who is able to fix bug: Bugs are considered to be annoying by users, and hinders the overall functionality of the mobile app. Once an app goes live, it is difficult to find and fix the bugs in them. Therefore, it is important that these bugs are sought out and repaired before the publishing of the app.

The mobile app developer should have skill if required able to change in design: Just like the changing trends, app designs also change very frequently. Because the interface and design of the app are one of the main reasons users are attracted to it, it is important to keep their interests alive by regularly updating the look and feel of your mobile apps.

Hire a mobile app developer who keeps eyes open on overall App Update: Whether it includes adding new features, changing the user interface or bringing more to the table, updates are integral to keep your mobile app ahead of the game. Updating an app depends entirely on the business owner, for it entails extra development charges.

However, Flutter even stands out as cost-effective in this area as well. Directly proportional to its time-saving benefits, even maintaining the app comes with a tremendous discount. Plainly stated, the cost of maintaining a Flutter app is estimated to stand at a mere 20% of other means to develop apps.


Flutter seems to be a kind of boon to mobile app developers and business owners all across the globe. It not only reduces the entire procedure of mobile app development and the numerous hours that go into its creation but also effectively reduces the cost.

This platform is definitely cost-effective, as discussed above; lowering the cost of developing an app by 50% and its maintenance by 20%. Therefore, it still stands as one of the best contributions by Google to the realm of app development.