Advanced Analytics and its uses

December 10, 2021

Advanced analytics is the method of extracting information from data and then analyzing it to get meaningful conclusions and insights. It is a process where data mining, reporting, and analysis are combined to transform large amounts of information into useful information. The entire process is computerized. It is an approach...

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React Native 0.64.2 Released! What’s New in it & How to Upgrade It

Out of all the JavaScript frameworks, it is the React Native that has way more popularity than others. It provides a huge range of flexibility to the developers. Hence, building any kind of software on this cross platform is much easier. Recently, the manufacturer has launched the new React Native...

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New Blockchain Trends for 2022

December 3, 2021

New trends and inventions in the crypto world exploded in 2021, but this is just the beginning. Many industries have been transformed by blockchain technology, and new products have been launched as a result. This year, we've already seen some trends, and for the year 2022, here are some predictions...

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