Best Practices for Virtual Employee Recognition

June 26, 2020

Millennials and Employee Recognition When your company is looking to hire virtual employees that are millennials, it is even more important to have a robust employee recognition program, as more than 50% of employees are millennials in every technology company. They are multi-taskers, critical thinkers, and visionaries who like to...

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How a CRM managed by a Virtual Employee can streamline your Online Business

June 10, 2020

As the name suggests, CRM stands for customer relationship manager. Now in earlier times, this used to be a person but nowadays it refers to a software or software tool. The role, however, has remained largely the same. Let us understand how a virtual employee can help you manage your...

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Best Practices for Hiring and Managing your Offshore Staff for the Steady Growth of your Business

June 1, 2020

Modern offshore staffing service providers are known to provide increasingly sophisticated alternatives to established businesses. Primarily, the potential to achieve significant savings through offshoring work is the biggest factor that prompts companies to go down the route. However, given the scale, investment, and potential for the risk involved in embarking...

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